Advanced Airline Prep - 180 Minutes

Ace your airline simulator assessment.

Our Advanced Airline Prep is very different in one key aspect, it is run by an ex Check and Training Captain from Qantas. He spent the majority of his life flying the 747-400 and the A380 as well as teaching Qantas pilots how to operate commercial aircraft in simulators. His experience is second to none.

This Advanced Airline Prep includes:

- approx. 60 minute pre-briefing going over the basics of operating a large commercial aircraft. What you are looking for and what you need to focus on. If you come from lighter aircraft you'll also cover the most important differences.

- 120 minutes in the simulator covering all aspects of what was discussed in the briefing as well as what will be required in your airline assessment. 

- short debriefing and feedback. Our instructor will discuss how you went and recommendations moving forwards. 


The session is tailored to your level of ability as well as the specific airline you are going for. Our instructors have experience in many different airlines, regardless of the simulator type it will be conducted in, we can help. 

Don't waste your opportunity to impress and to land your dream job. And don't waste your money on sub-par simulators and in-experienced instructors. We guarantee you will walk away from our sessions feeling more experienced and confident about your upcoming assessment.

If you would like to talk to one of our advanced instructors before purchasing, please feel free to call us - 1800 737 800. 

If you purchase the session online you will need to call us to confirm a time, as we need to ensure you are with the right instructor. We are happy to discuss sessions run after hours if needed.