Have your next event at a Flight Experience

We provide an atmosphere of intimacy with our Boeing 737 simulator and your guests as the focal points. Everyone gets a chance to fly while others watch from within the cockpit or outside watching large TV monitors and a live feed from the flight deck. This environment of common interest encourages easy discussion and networking for your guests.

Our Corporate Challenge is designed to encourage light-hearted fun and rewards are offered to guests for a variety of outcomes throughout the event. We can cater for small groups of two or three guests up to larger parties of around fifteen or twenty. With a degree of apprehension about who will put in the best flight performance an element of competition soon arises. Real world commercial pilots are on hand to provide instruction and informative tips about aviation and the handling of a big jet aircraft.

Themed product launches, training evenings, rewards for staff and clients, Team Building or simply an afternoon of relaxing fun for the office personnel are all possible at Flight Experience. Events can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

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Corporate Entertainment can start from only $325.00 using one of our Multi 60 Minute packages – for up to 3 people. For larger groups or tailored sessions with catering and refreshments please contact us today to find out more about what’s included. We can provide ideas for making your next client or staff event the hottest ticket in town!