Our latest addition is a pair of incredible military inspired, ejection seat style, Virtual Reality military jet simulators. Step into the world of military aviation and pilot a wide variety of aircraft through various challenges and locations. From the valleys of the Grand Canyon to the skyscrapers of New York city, experience flight from a whole new perspective.

You can choose either a 15 or 30 minute mission with more challenges and aircraft coming soon. Watch this space.

15 Minute Mission

Learn to operate an FA-18 or F15 military jet around some of America's most iconic landscapes. A quick pre-flight briefing will have you comfortable with the seat, headset and controls before you advance your thrust-levers, ignite the afterburners and roar away from the runway.

30 Minute Mission

In the 30 minute mission get to experience multiple military and civilian aircraft around 3 or 4 different global locations. Attempt multiple flying challenges that will test your skills: fly the Grand Canyon, through the Swiss Alps and land in Las Vegas. Then, if you feel up to the task, attempt to takeoff and land a helicopter!