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Join the Flying Club and learn to fly the simulator solo at special Member rates!

Once licenced, you’ll fly without the aid of a Flight Experience Instructor. You’ll be able to fly your friends, family or work colleagues to over 24,000 destinations around the world. You will be trained in all aspects of flying our Boeing 737NG Flight Simulator, following a process similar to gaining a real pilots licence for a fraction of the cost!

To gain Licence One, which permits you to conduct take-offs and landings by yourself, you will require approx. five 60 minute lessons. (Please note this is an average time and may differ based on individual competency)

How do I join?

Enrolment is easy! Simply join by purchasing a Flying Club Membership from any participating Flight Experience store. Enrolment can be done by internet, phone or at a Flight Experience store. Upon enrolling you will receive your Flying Club Pack which includes a Flying Club Training Manual, Personal Membership Card and Lanyard, Member Cap, Boeing 737 Wings Pin and Sticker. Booking lessons can be done at any time that suits the Club Member.

Lessons, Licences and Endorsements

There are two licences available. Also available with each licence are various optional endorsements (add-ons). Each licence and endorsement permits members to accomplish extra flight duties, and eventually operate the simulator for both Circuits (take-offs and landings) and Sector Flights (city-to-city flights), without the assistance of an Instructor.Note: You must complete Licence 1 before Licence 2.

Do I qualify for special rates once I become a member?

Yes, you can choose to purchase one hour at a time or buy in bulk as follows:

  • One 60 minute lesson or solo simulator hire – $245.00 (Save over $50.00 per hour)
  • Four x 60 minute lessons or solo simulator hire – $780.00 (Save over $100 per hour)
Licence One

Once approved, members will be capable of flying Circuits. This enables members to taxi, take-off, fly circuits and land at suitable airports anywhere in the world that is capable of operating the 737. This is great for sightseeing and honing your skills.
Time required: Approximately 4-5 hours of training and a 45 minute test flight

Licence Two

Once approved, members will be capable of flying Sectors. This enables members to fly a City-to City sector flight solo, using the replica Boeing 737 Navigation system and automation. This is the ultimate way to be the captain of a typical airline flight.
Time required: Approximately 4-5 hours of training and a 45 minute test flight

Pre-flight Endorsement

Members may elect to gain a Pre-flight Endorsement at any time during their training. This is mandatory for Licence Two, but may be completed before, during or after Licence One. The Pre-flight Endorsement involves pre-flight, engine start-up and shutdown procedures from a Cold State (when the aircraft is turned off), including how to programme the FMC (Flight Management Computer).
Time required: Approximately 2-3 hours of training and a 30 minute test flight


Flight Experience™, in cooperation with Psychologists and Airline Pilots, have developed a structured course to help people overcome their fear of flying.

After a brief telephone conversation with our Psychologist (at no cost) it will be determined whether or not we can help. From this discussion you can decide if you wish to proceed.

Clients can elect to enrol in either an Individual or Group Course.


  • Phone Assessment – Free phone session with our Psychologist
  • Stage 1 – Psychological Session
  • Stage 2 – Flight Education (interactive learning session with an Airline Pilot)
  • Stage 3 – Facing your Fears (Session with Psychologist involving CBT Strategies)
  • Stage 4 – Simulator Session (Session in a Flight Simulator with a qualified Flight Experience™ Instructor and Psychologist)

Contact us or phone 1800 737-800 to find out more.


Give Your Child an Amazing and Educational Experience

Flying Start is a unique and exhilarating excursion designed to put children in the Captain’s seat of a Boeing 737. In a fun and exciting environment children will be taught the basics of aviation, by professional pilots. We have a number of engaging educational activities and games which cover aeroplanes, the airport and its environment.

This will prepare the children for an amazing experience and their turn in the Captain’s seat of the Boeing 737 Flight Simulator.

With the assistance of our Qualified Instructors they will fly the plane. Each child will receive a framed souvenir cockpit photo, Flight Certificate, Boeing sticker and aviation colouring-in book.

Flight Experience™ is a Boeing ‘Officially Licensed Product’, CASA approved for pilot training and the world leader in flight simulator entertainment.

Contact us to book your school excursion now.

The Flying Start program was developed by Joanna Caston – Flight Experience Singapore

Childrens Birthday Parties

A birthday party at Flight Experience is something completely different! This will be the birthday party highlight of the year with children of all ages for girls and boys alike.

With the assistance of one of our qualified instructors, everyone gets to fly our Boeing 737. They’ll perform take-offs or landings and fly over some of the world’s most magnificent cities.

The optimum size of the group is generally determined by age, with smaller groups recommended for younger children. Packages start from $395.00.

Contact us to find out more or book your party.

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Prepare for your assessment

Prepare for your assessment in one of our five simulators located nationally.

Available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Our Airline Prep packages are designed to assist pilots prepare for airline simulator assessments in our ‘state of the art’ devices.

Flight Experience™ have qualified Instructors who can walk you through airline-specific simulator assessment profiles and assist with the techniques necessary to prepare you for that important career move.

Contact us to talk to one of our staff for a cost-effective way to get the competitive advantage in your Airline Interview.